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History and development

40 years of formation and development

VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of Vietnam Steel Corporation (VNSTEEL), with 69.07% owned by VNSTEEL. The predecessor of the company before 1975 was the VITHACO (Viet Thanh) steelmaker of the capitalists. After 1975, it became a state-owned enterprise belonging to the Ferrous Metallurgy Company (Ministry of Mechanics and Metallurgy - now the Ministry of Industry and Trade) and in turn named Viet Thanh Steel Rolling Mill (1976), Nha Be Steel Rolling Mill (1981), Nha Be Steel Mill (1991), Nha Be Steel Company (6/2007), Nha Be Steel JSC (1/2008) and now VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel Joint Stock Company.



40 years of formation and development, Nha Be Steel JSC –VNSTEEL has been creating credibility, prestige on the market

Since establishment, despite difficulties, with the creativity and determination of the Board of Directors and all employees, VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel JSC has gradually been developing and expanding the market. The factory was awarded the second-class Labor Medal in 1982 and was conferred the first Labor Hero title in September 1985; And was honored to be visited by Mr. Le Duan - General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam in October 1985.

In the renovation process, VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel JSC always takes the lead in the emulation movement to promote technical innovations, promote investment in upgrading equipment and technology, renovate management and improve production & sale efficiency. Works such as the 12-ton steel melting shop, continuous casting, oxygen workshop, semi-automatic rolling mill of Taiwan, Pomini automatic rolling mill, etc. have raised the capacity to 120,000 tons per annum, with more 40 types of rolled steel products and 6 different grades of steel according to Vietnam, Japan and USA standards. From these achievements, in October 2000, the factory was honored to confer the title of Labor Hero for the second time. With the trend of integration, international cooperation, in June 2007, the factory was converted to Nha Be Steel Joint Stock Company under the parent company - Vietnam Steel Corporation and equitized from July 1, 2007.



Nha Be Steel was honored to receive the title
Hero Labor II - December 2000

From January 1, 2008, Nha Be Steel Joint Stock Company officially operated with the following tasks: To continue to produce and trade stably and profitably; To improve the income and living standard of the employees; To carry out the relocation plan and invest in upgrading the steel rolling mill with a capacity of 180,000 tons/year.

After two years of project implementation, Nha Be Steel inaugurated the steel rolling mills and offices of Nhon Trach Branch at Dong Nai Province. Currently, the company is implementing the investment project to add a melting shop capacity of 150 thousand tons/year to perfect the technology and take the initiative to provide billets, in order to increase production efficiency sustainably.

With the traditional thickness and non-stop striving, VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel JSC will continue to grow strongly on the path of industrialization - modernization of the country, worthy of a prestigious enterprise on the market of Vietnam Steel Corporation.





Head office: 4th Floor, Representative Office Buildings of Vietnam Steel Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City – 56 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Điện thoại: (028) 38 298 244
Fax: (028) 38 298 244

Nhon Trach Branch

Nhon Trach Branch: Nhon Trach II Industrial Zone-Nhon Phu, Phu Hoi Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Tell: (0251) 3569672
Fax: (0251) 3569673

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